Pathway Vineyard Church belongs to a church network called the Vineyard Movement, including approximately 2,500 churches around the world. Based on God’s revelation to us in the Scriptures, the following values are held in common by all Vineyards:

1. The Kingdom of God is the reign of God (i.e., God’s royal work) breaking into the world through the life and ministry of Jesus. For Jesus back then, the love of God pouring from Him brought forgiveness, reconciliation, healing, signs and wonders -- and it still looks like that. We have been commissioned to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God, bearing witness to the “already” (current presence) of the Kingdom and the “not yet” (awaited presence) of the Kingdom, through words and deeds. Jesus still ministers powerfully through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

2. Experiencing God: God is searching for lost humanity in order to draw us into intimate relationship with Himself. In response to God’s initiative, we value the life-changing power of the experience of His presence. The primary place where that relationship is nurtured and developed is in the act of worship – both private and corporate. God wants people to experience Him – not only know about Him.

3. Culturally-relevant mission is important in order to reach those in its community not already reached by existing churches. To this end, we promote a creative and innovative approaches to ministry that is faithful to Jesus and expressive of His heart to reach those who are far away from God.

4. We strive to be a Reconciling Community. Jesus is reconciling humans to God, to each other, and to the entire creation. Since He loves breaking down needless divisions, we seek to be diverse communities of hope that realize the power of the cross to reconcile what has been separated by sin. This requires us to move beyond our personal biases to engage those who are perceived to be unlike us and to actively break down barriers of race, culture, gender, social class, and ethnicity. We aim to steward the revelation of God’s truth with hearts full of welcoming love.

5. Compassionate Ministry is the call of every follower of Jesus. The word minister means “to serve.” Ministry is service done in Jesus’ name by all followers of Jesus, not just by certain leaders! Ministry in Jesus’ name should be expressed in concrete ways through the local church. Since Jesus was moved by compassion, compassion for people in all kinds of need should constitute the leading edge of our service to each other and to our broken world, so that we represent our God well.